Student Affairs

GIS Student Affairs

We provide various platforms in complementing students’ life here in GIS besides allowing room for self-improvement in many areas.

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) consists of 14 council members from various programmes in GIS. The members are elected through a democratic election held every year. The council has five major portfolios namely Social & Welfare, Sports and Recreation, Culture and Arts, Relation and Publication, and Academic and Leadership.

SRC aims to provide a supportive, friendly and challenging environment outside the classroom for academic success and personal development. There are multiple opportunities available for leadership development, skill enhancement, social interaction, character building and community service. They also plan events that are able to encourage better relations among students as well as to promote positive culture to encourage students’ participation in co-curricular activities. Other responsibilities of SRC include providing moral support and assistance to all clubs and societies.


We provide the opportunities for students to flaunt their talent in non-academic settings by joining any clubs available for all students. Students who are interested in management and business, they may join the Entrepreneurship Club while those who are interested in polishing and improving their communication skills using English as the medium may join the English Club. Students with talents in performing arts may be interested in joining the Arts Club. Apart from that, students with talent in sports may be interested in joining Netball Club, Football Club and also Badminton Club.

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