Technical English for Engineering Industry


Technical English for Engineering Industry

This course provides participants with the skills and technical vocabulary to communicate and discuss a broad range of technical matters with colleagues and clients related to the Engineering industry.


At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate satisfactory conversational skill in the engineering setting using sufficient English
  • Demonstrate satisfactory writing skill in engineering report writing
  • Demonstrate satisfactory presentation skill in technical presentation
  • Demonstrate satisfactory communication skill in active business and technical discussion



  1. Essential English

Learning outcome:

  • Understand and demonstrate English Phonetic
  • Demonstrate professional titles
  • Participate in introduction and simple exchange of information


  1. Measurements and Materials

Learning outcome:

  • Understand and able to differentiate between Metric and Imperial units
  • Demonstrate types of materials, properties and specification
  • Present material and specifications


  1. Discussion skills for Design and Technical Development

Learning outcome:

  • Understand and able to differentiate between objective, problem and solution
  • Demonstrate critical thinking by identifying a need or problem and possible solutions
  • Present a product with specifications


  1. Constructions and Components

Learning outcome:

  • Understand different components and its purpose
  • Demonstrate processes
  • Present a set of instruction


  1. Business Communication

Learning outcome:

  • Understand different modes of business communication
  • Differentiate strength and weakness
  • Demonstrate internal and external communication
  • Present the advantages and benefits of a product


  1. Maintenance and Repair

Learning outcome:

  • Identify problems
  • Discuss options for maintenance and repair
  • Present a solution


  1. Project Management

Learning outcome:

  • Understand terms used in project management procedure and planning
  • Demonstrate communication and delegation
  • Present a project plan


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